Kaveh Mehranvar

Iranian-Canadian Professional

Civil Engineer - Entrepreneur - International Business Developer
Owner of more than 10 successful companies in US and Canada


Name Kaveh
Surname Mehranvar
Residence of Canada
Born in 1976
Nationality Iranian/Canadian
Speaking Languages Farsi/English


Toll Free +1 833 459 3737
E-mail info@kavehmehranvar.com
Website kavehmehranvar.me

I am Kaveh Mehranvar, an Iranian-Canadian businessman born in 1976. I am 42 years old and I have spent more than 30 years of my life in Canada and the United States. Because of my father's job, I have resided in some other countries like Turkey and the United Kingdom. I lived in Iran until the age of 11 and till the end of the primary school. In those years, I came to Canada with the family despite of my father's business and I have to stay in another country due to this. This has led me to study in a variety of disciplines and in diverse countries. My academic priority has always been Business and Economy. This is definitely roots in my father's trade. Over the years, I have experience and education in a variety fields of study such as: Civil Engineer, Marketing Essential, Principles Economics, Risk Management, Investment Fundamentals, Basic Financial Concepts, Financial Performance, Accounting Principles, Essential Management Skills, Human Resource Management, Economics and International Business, International law, Marketing and Communications, Finance and Accounting.  I -kaveh mehranvar- traveled to Iran many times when I was a teenager. The reason for these trips was to help my father managing his factory while I was learning the fundamental of International business from my father.These business trips, of course, had great results for me. I became acquainted with the business in Iran and the international trade at the same time. Certainly, this familiarity has made me a successful business man in which I own and manage several successful international companies in Canada and the United States. Kaveh Mehranvar Companies: Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh General Trading, Kaveh Investment Group, Porsazan Kaveh, Mystic Entertainment, KMK Enterprises Ltd, K2 Investment Group, Diamond Property Management Group, Ki Media Group, Hawk Enterprises Inc, Sunrise Build & Design Inc.

International Business Developer

  • 75%
Kaveh Mehranvar - Iranian/Canadian Citizen

Civil Engineer

  • 85%
Kaveh Mehranvar - Iranian/Canadian Citizen

Principles Economics

  • 65%
Kaveh Mehranvar - Iranian/Canadian Citizen

Kaveh Mehranvar Companies
(US and Canada)

Rock enterprises Ltd, Kaveh general trading, Kava investment group, Porsazan kaveh, Mystic entertainment, Kmk enterprises Ltd, K2 investment group, Diamond property management group, Ki media group, Hawk enterprises inc, Sunrise build & design inc.

Kaveh Mehranvar Education
(Iran, Turkey, Canada)

Civil Engineer, Marketing essential, Principles economics, Risk management, Investment fundamentals, Basic financial concepts, Financial performance, Accounting principles, Essential management skills, Human resource management, Economics and international business, International law, Marketing and communications, Finance and accounting.